Opening Hours :Saturday to Thursday - 8am to 5pm

Our customers benefit from a keen combination of logistics- and forwarding services, including a clear, fast, and flexible execution achieved by simplifying the process chain and minimizing the number of involved parties.

We support our customers in every step of the supply chain, from consulting, concept developing, cost comparison method, project planning to the realization of all mutual set goals. Many of such complex logistics concepts have already been implemented in the past. These include the management of a consignment warehouse, final ware processing, complete dispatch area processing with a direct link to production and high-bay storage. All goods are commissioned for dispatch and are delivered dead on time. We take over many tasks that are normally the core competence of our client.

All logistics projects are linked to the customer-specific electronic data processing system to ensure permanent and transparent flow of information.

This kind of execution improves all business processes, increases productivity and quality, facilitates administration, and reduces costs. All in all, our customer's competitive ability is significantly raised.

Our Mission
Contribute to global economic development and maximize corporate value by earning the trust of our customers through sophisticated, quality logistics services.

Our Vision
Be a global logistics provider with world-class scope and service quality.

Our Values
a) Customer-Centric: - Everything we do is focused on the needs of our customers, wherever they are located and whatever their requirements might be.
b) Quality / On-Site (Gemba) - Oriented Management: - We relentlessly pursue quality and aim for constant improvement, with structured Kaizen programs.
c) HR-Oriented Management: - We seek to motivate our employees, recognizing that they are who delivers our services.
d) Environmental Management: - We strive to preserve the environment while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.